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Denim Repair & Service

Chainstitch Hemming
Chainstitch hemming on a vintage Italian Rimoldi machine is available in-store free of charge on all denim purchased at Godspeed.

Chainstitching Terms & Pricing:
  • Chainstitching for previously purchased denim is available at a cost of $30.
  • If placing an order online, please specify the desired length in inches.
  • Denim must be paid for in full before hemming.
  • If you're wanting to post your denim to us to be hemmed, please include a return satchel, phone number, and a written note specifying the desired length in inches. Payment can be made over the phone.


    Denim Repair
    Denim repair can be performed in-store on a vintage Chandler Darning machine from Massachusetts, USA.
    The machine is an American clone of the famous Singer 47w70 darning machine.
    Thread will be matched as close as possible to the subject and all thread used in-store is from a Japanese supplier to the denim trade.

    Repair Terms & Pricing
    • Denim repair pricing starts from $30 and is quote based.
    • We will only work on clean garments.
    • All work takes between 2-7 days.


    Shipping Denim Terms


    • Before you ship your denim for repair, please email us photos of the area you want repaired.
    • We will then get back to you with a quote.
    • Please include a return satchel.
    • Payment can be made over the phone.


    • Please include a return satchel, and a written note with phone number and specifying the desired length in inches.
    • Payment can be made over the phone.