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MAAPS is a collection of incense handmade in Los Angeles using premium quality bamboo sticks, organic essential oils and natural resins. Each fragrance is carefully crafted and tested for balance, complexity and strength. Most lesser expensive incenses are created with chemicals that aim to artificially recreate natural scents. As much as possible, we are using extracts from the actual source of the natural scent. These extracts and essential oils can cost hundreds of dollars per fluid ounce. Burn time per stick is about 45 minutes.

Sierra: Sicilian Lemon | Cedar | Earl Grey

Citrus top notes, balanced with a woodsy finish and hints of tea.

Knoll : Vanilla | Tobacco | Oaked Bourbon

Our Tom Ford jumpoff. Sweet top notes, balanced with pipe tobacco/bourbon. 

Canyon: Vetiver | Sweet Mint | Leather

Vetiver is a grass indigenous to India. Created using extract from Oakmoss, literally lichen that grows on the trunks of oak trees. This scent is more mild and good for smaller spaces, restaurants or cafe's.

Heartwood: Dark Rum | Licorice | Sandalwood

Composed of Palo Santo extract, which literally translates to "holy wood" in Spanish. It is traditionally used for spiritual rituals and as folk medicine. This might be the most divisive of our scents because of the licorice notes.

 Peninsula: Talcum | Balsam | Mandarin

This is our take on a classic incense scent, Nag Champa. It's much more refined, so we lovingly call it Nag Champa 2.0.

Delta: Grapefruit | Warm Coriander | Honey Blossom

Created using Neroli oil which is extracted from the blossoms of bitter orange trees. Citrusy with a little bite at the end.

Mesa: Hemp | Gin | Pink Peppercorn

A mix of hemp seed oil and juniper berry extract, which is used to flavour gin and has been found to be used as far back as ancient Egypt.

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